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Air Date 10/20/2021

Today we take a look at the flip side of the so-called "Missing White Woman Syndrome" and highlight the structural legacies of colonialism that have put indigenous communities in North America at the greatest at risk of murder and rape among all demographics in the US and Canada. 

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Ch. 1: The Search: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women | Fault Lines - Al Jazerra English - Air Date 5-8-19

Indigenous women in the United States experience some of the highest rates of violence and murder in the country, according to federal data. Tribes and advocates attribute this to a confluence of factors - institutional racism, a lack of resources.

Ch. 2: How prejudice affects official search for missing Indigenous women other women of color - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 9-27-21

While Gabby Petito's death has captured national attention, tens of thousands of people are reported missing or murdered every year in the U.S. Native women are murdered at rates 10 times the national average.

Ch. 3: Gabby Petito, ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome,’ And Misogynistic Violence - GBH News - Air Date 9-23-21

As the disappearance and later confirmed murder of Gabby Petito has grabbed headlines, many observers have pointed to the thousands of other cases – many of them women of color – that have never garnered national attention.

Ch. 4: MMIW Day 2021 - Let's Talk Native with John Kane - Air Date 5-5-21

May 5th has been designated as MMIW Day since 2017 but 2021 is ushering in "MMIW National Week of Action!"

Ch. 5: Canada's missing and murdered Indigenous women - AJ+ - Air Date 10-16-18

AJ+'s Dena Takruri visits Winnipeg, Manitoba, where more Indigenous women and girls have gone missing or been murdered than anywhere else in the country.

Ch. 6: MMIWG2S+: No more red hand prints! - The Red Nation Podcast - Air Date 5-10-21

Guests Jennifer Marley (@JenMarley1680) and Cheyenne Antonio join RPH co-hosts Elena Ortiz (@spiritofpopay) and Melanie Yazzie (@melanie_yazzie) to discuss efforts to end MMIWG2+ from a left Indigenous feminist perspective.


Ch. 7: Understanding How the Laws Encourage Violence | History of MMIW - Nonviolence International New York - Air Date 4-22-21

5500 Indigenous women and girls go missing or murdered every year. We need to change the laws that govern the Indigenous Tribes because they make it easier for people to attack indigenous people.

Ch. 8: The Red Nation Slams Cooptation of Indigenous Peoples’ Day Amid Global Colonial Resource Extraction - Democracy Now! - Air Date 10-11-21

We continue our look at Indigenous Peoples’ Day with Jennifer Marley, a citizen of San Ildefonso Pueblo and a member of the grassroots Indigenous liberation organization The Red Nation.


Ch. 9: r/Antiwork: Unemployment for all, not just the rich! - Anonymous


Ch. 10: Final comments on the impacts of pandemics on labor through the centuries

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Description: A young, Native American woman looks toward the camera. She has a red paint hand print over her mouth. She wears a gray beanie, burgundy jacket and her dark hair is in braids. 

"A participant in the Greater Than Fear Rally & March in Rochester Minnesota. The rally & march were held in response to President Trump's Rally at the Mayo Civic Center in downtown Rochester." by Lorie Shaull, Flickr | License | Changes: Cropped

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