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Original Air Date 3/10/2021

Today we take a look at the current goings-on around the world regarding our foreign policy under the new but not-so-new-feeling leadership of Joe Biden. We check in on Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and a couple of assorted arms sales to authoritarian leaders who support our foreign policy.

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Ch. 1: Biden Administration Should Strike a Deal with Iran - World Class - Air Date 2-18-21

Abbas Milani — an expert on U.S.-Iran relations — discusses the Iranian economy, the future of Iran’s leadership, and what a potential nuclear deal could mean for the U.S.

Ch. 2: Biden "Illegally" Bombs Iranian-Backed Militias in Syria, Jeopardizing Nuclear Talks with Tehran - Democracy Now! - Air Date 3-1-21

The Biden administration is facing intense criticism from U.S. progressives after carrying out airstrikes on eastern Syria said to be targeting Iranian-backed militia groups.

Ch. 3: Biden's First Act Of War Hits 3 Countries - Empire Files - Air Date 3-3-21

Biden's Feb. 26 strike in Syria was a crime, and risks major war with three countries. Abby Martin explains.

Ch. 4: Whither the Antiwar Left - Empire Has No Clothes - Air Date 2-25-21

This week on Empire Has No Clothes, Kelley, Dan, and I discussed the war in Afghanistan and why it's lost. We also talked with journalist James Carden about the state of the antiwar left and whether Joe Biden might do some good on foreign policy.

Ch. 5: What's Next For The War In Afghanistan - NPR Fresh Air - Air Date 3-4-21

America's 19-year war in Afghanistan may soon be coming to an end. The Trump administration negotiated a deal with the Taliban, in which the U.S. agreed to withdraw all its troops by May 1. But the Afghan government was not included in those talks.

Ch. 6: Can Joe Biden Save Yemen - Empire Has No Clothes - Air Date 2-11-21

This week on Empire Has No Clothes, Kelley, Dan, and I discussed Joe Biden's announcement that he would withdraw all American support for the war in Yemen.

Ch. 7: Did Jen Psaki Just Confirm That Biden's Afraid of MBS - The Majority Report with Sam Seder - Air Date 3-4-21

Joe Biden once vowed to hold Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman responsible for Jamal Khashoggi's murder. Now, it looks like he's letting him off the hook. Emma Vigeland and the Majority Report crew discuss this.


Ch. 8: The future of the US-Saudi relationship (ft. Sen. Chris Murphy) - Worldly - Air Date 3-4-21

Zack, Jenn, and Alex debate whether the US should continue to treat Saudi Arabia as a close partner given its atrocious human rights abuses and the declining US dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

Ch. 9: Biden Sells Missiles to Fascists + US Base Destroys Ancient Coral Reef - Empire Files - Air Date 2-19-21

Abby Martin covers Biden's first arms deals to major human rights abusers Chile & Egypt; another US military base in Okinawa, opposed by a majority of residents, threatens unique biodiversity; militia puts US at crossroads of a new Iraq war

Ch. 10: Can Biden remake Trump's Middle East - The Bunker - Air Date 11-25-20

From Israel to Iran, Donald Trump thought he could reset the Middle East. His fixation on the region defined the last four years of US foreign policy. But what will Biden’s presidency mean for America and the Middle East?


Ch. 11: Introduction to our caste system - Roy from Washington State


Ch. 12: Final comments on Biden attempting to talk about Afghanistan and China


CNN Official interview Joe Biden on Afghanistan 'Making progress' - CNN - Air Date 11-28-10

What Biden Said About Uyghurs - CNN Presidential Town Hall

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