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Original Air Date 9/15/2017

Today we look at the history and structures of authoritarianism and explore how they relate to the Trump campaign and administration

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Show Notes

Act 1: It can't happen here Part 1 - Ideas from the CBC - Air Date 1-17-17

Act 2: Evan McMullin on spotting the dangers of authoritarianism - Primary Concerns from @NewRepublic - Air Date 1-4-17

Act 3: Opposing conservative policies and authoritarianism - Who. What. Why. - Air Date 2-11-17

Act 4: It can't happen here Part 2 - Ideas from the CBC - Air Date 1-17-17

Act 5: Historian Timothy Snyder on the prospect of tyranny in America - This is Hell - Air Date 4-29-17

Act 6: Why Arpaio's Pardon Could Trigger Constitutional Crisis - @theyoungturks - Air Date: 08-29-17

Act 7: Full Frontal Is Scared: Masha Gessen Edition - Full Frontal with Samantha Bee - Air Date 1-18-17

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Air Date: 5-10-23
Today, Jay!, Amanda, Erin and Deon discuss:
- Self-Love and Loneliness
- Friends
- Commercialized Coitus
- Why men are perfectly fine

Self-Love Is Making Us Lonely - Time

‘When people can talk about sex, they flourish’: the rise of sexual wellness - The Guardian

Straight Male Friend - SNL

What’s the Matter with Men?

Chad Daniels | Twelfth Night | Daddy Issues


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Jay! Tomlinson
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