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Air Date 8/23/2023

For decades, we have rightly been focused on dialing back endemic misogyny and poking holes in the patriarchy in the hopes of a new normal of gender relations emerging that would be genuinely healthier for everyone, not just women. But, with so much of the focus on the type of masculinity men and boys shouldn't embrace, we may have fallen short on giving positive direction to boys about what they should be and do.

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Ch. 1: Andrew Tate & Re-examining Masculinity - Long Story Short The Daily Show - Air Date 4-21-23

Jordan Klepper looks at Andrew Tate and breaks down how a void of role models has harmful consequences for young boys.

Ch. 2: The new crisis of masculinity - The Gray Area - Air Date 8-7-23

What does masculinity mean these days? Sean Illing speaks with Christine Emba, a columnist at The Washington Post who wrote the piece “Men are lost. Here’s a map out of the wilderness.”

Ch. 3: The New Masculinity - ON BOYS podcast - Air Date 4-27-23

Boys and men, Manley says, are caught between traditional definitions and understandings of masculinity, and a future definition that hasn’t been fully defined.

Ch. 4: Redefining Masculinity and Embracing Vulnerability - The Daily Show Beyond the Scenes - Air Date 3-7-23

Host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with the co-founder of “A Call to Men,” Ted Bunch, and developmental psychology professor at NYU, Niobe Way, to chat about boys' friendships and how therapy could be transformative for a lot of men.

Ch. 5: What Does Positive Masculinity Look Like? - Paging Dr. NerdLove - Air Date 4-12-18

Toxic masculinity doesn’t mean that being a man is toxic, bad, or even undesirable. At the same time, non-toxic or positive masculinity doesn’t mean apologizing for being a man or trying to be as gender-neutral as possible.

Ch. 6: What is Positive Masculinity: How Patriarchy Oppresses Men - Swolesome - Air Date 12-2-22

Looking at what patriarchy teaches boys to do

Ch. 7: Redefining Masculinity and Embracing Vulnerability Part 2 - The Daily Show Beyond the Scenes - Air Date 3-7-23


Ch. 8: The New Masculinity Part 2 - ON BOYS podcast - Air Date 4-27-23

Ch. 9: Why Allan Energy Is The New “Big D_CK Energy” - Barbie Movie - Fashionistas - Air date 8-4-23

Examining positive masculinity through Allen from The Barbie Movie


Ch. 10: Final comments on why emotionally stunted men are a social, not individual, problem

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