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The Podcasts

Act 1: Rachel Maddow - Let's Talk About Ron Paul
Act 2: Warren26peace - Let's Talk About Ron Paul
Act 3: Bill Moyers - FCC's New Attempt to Increase Media Consolidation
Act 4: Ted Kennedy - Attacks Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms
Act 5: The Young Turks - Romney's (not so) Kennedy Moment
Act 6: Mike Papantonio - The New Lie (The Surge is Working, We Are Winning)
Act 7: Democracy Now - What Did Bush Know on Iran and When Did He Know It
Act 8: The Young Turks - Iran Has No Nuke Program, Bush Lied (Again)
Act 9: Olbermann - Bush is a Liar or Idiot
Act 10: Robert Wexler - Wexler Wants Cheney Impeachment Hearings

1. Superstar - Lupe Fiasco
2. Reckoner - Radiohead
3. More than Scarlet - Decoder Ring
4. Make the Road By Walking - Menahan Street Band
5. Song Seven - Interpol
6. Broken - Unkle
7. Toes in the Sand - No more anymore
8. Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer
9. The Heart Asks Pleasure First - Michael Nyman
10. The Holidays Are Here (And We're Still At War) - Brett Dennen
11. Around The World / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

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