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Edition #523

Struggling for coverage

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Act 1: Appalled about privatizing health care - BBC News Quiz

Song 1: A Candle's Fire - Beirut

Act 2: Birth Control Will Wipe Out Civilization! (Rep. Steve King) - Sam Seder on TYT

Song 2: Drumming Song (Acoustic) - Florence + The Machine

Act 3: Absentminded Professor Says Cure For Cancer 'Around Here Somewhere' - The Onion

Song 3: Where did it go - Jimmy Cliff

Act 4: Would You Go Without Health Insurance for 6 Months for Affordable Care - David Pakman Air Date: 08-02-11

Song 4: Watch the world - Box Car Racer

Act 5: Health Insurance Companies Using Psychological Trickery - Lee Camp Air Date 08-08-11

Song 5: Machine - VNV Nation

Act 6: Repeal This (Health care law) - Slate Magazine

Song 6: Under the milky way - Seven Nations

Act 7: 9-11 First Responders Cancer - Young Turks

Song 7: How - The Cranberries

Act 8: Vermont Passes Single Payer Healthcare Bill - David Pakman

Song 8: Doctor my eyes - Jackson 5

Act 9: FDA Approves Sale Of Prescription Placebo - The Onion

Song 9: Mind excursion - The trade winds

Act 10: Hats Off to Vermont for Universal Health care - The Progressive

Song 10: Lead the way - Guardian

Act 11: Single payer health care in Vermont - Rachel Maddow

Song 11: The prettiest weed - Jim Guthrie

Act 12: Vermont: first in the nation - Jim Hightower Air Date: 8-24-11

Song 12: Be here now - Mason Jennings

Act 13: Townhall Republican Take Care Of Yourself - Young Turks


Working on Michigan recall effort - Tony from Dearborn, MI

Supportive of voicemailer Beth on campaign finance reform - Ramone from Portland, OR

Voicemail Music: 

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Final comments on Campaign Finance Reform and an amendment to repeal corporate personhood

Bonus Voicemails:

Veganism is a hard process to break into - Jason from Marshalltown, IA

Reevaluating animal ethics in light of empathy discussion - D from Chicago

I'm an omnivore but not a jerk - Curtis from Baltimore

Guy who was bleeped was disturbing, don't want to be on his team - Rebecca in Buffalo

"Lunatic" calls back with thoughts on cattle farming, hunting and abortion - Anonymous

Bonus final comment:

Rebuttal to pro-choice/vegan charge of hypocricy

Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

Ryan Tries Fails To Defend Medicare Plan - Young Turks

Produced by:

Jay! Tomlinson

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