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Edition #586

The US Empire and the Ring of Power

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Act 1: Heart Mind-O-Matic - Mark Fiore - Air Date: 02-20-12

Song 1: M.I.B. Main Theme - Danny Elfman

Act 2: US government doesn't talk about the drone war - Counterspin Air Date: 2-3-12

Song 2: Oh Lately It's So Quiet - OK GO

Act 3: Syria's Arab Spring that no one is hearing about - The Bugle Air Date: 2-3-12

Song 3: Catapult - R.E.M.

Act 4: Veto Of Syria UN Resolution Sparks Outrage - Young Turks - Air Date: 02-06-12

Song 4: Help - The Beatles

Act 5: Veto to prevent violence in Syria - The Bugle - Air Date: 2-10-12

Song 5: Scene No. 10 Moderato - London Philharmonic Orchestra

Act 6: Fox Contributor Karl Rove Condemns Obama Apology, Fails to Note Similar Bush Apology in 2008 - Media Matters Air Date: 2-28-12

Act 7: Not a Happy International Women's Day in Afghanistan - The Progressive Air Date: 3-8-12

Song 7: We were there - Robin Roberts

Act 8: Afghan Lady and Taliban News - The Bugle Air Date: 2-17-12

Song 8: Escalation - Daniel Licht

Act 9: Afghanistan Massacre Fallout - Young Turks - Air Date: 3-12-12

Song 9: Come home - OneRepublic Feat. Sara Barellis

Act 10: Son Of Haditha - Mumia Abu-Jamal Air Date: 3-12-12

Song 10: Baba O'Riley - The Who

Act 11: Leave Afghanistan Now - The Progressive Air Date: 3-12-12

Song 11: Letter from an Occupant - The New Pornographers

Act 12: The consequences of the US killing spree in Afghanistan - Counterspin Air Date: 3-16-12

Song 12: Gimme Sympathy - Metric

Act 13: The Reason War Will Go On Forever - Lee Camp

Song 13: Still fighting it - Ben Folds

Act 14: An Army whistle-blower speaks truth about power - Jim Hightower Air Date: 3-14-12

Song 14: Tracked in mud - Cory Davies

Act 15: The US Empire and the Ring of Power - Common Sense - Air Date: 2-20-12


Activist call to action on verbiage and word usage - Chris

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Recommending "Women's Magazine" podcast - Elka from Indiana

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