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Edition #1047

Today we look at a few of the ways our two major political parties have worked to entrench their own power with the side effect of ruining the foundations of our democratic system

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Show Notes

Ch. 1: Opening Theme: A Fond Farewell - From a Basement On the Hill

Ch. 2: Act 1: Supreme Court vs. the American Voter - Times Op-Doc

Ch. 3: Song 1: N/A

Ch. 4: Act 2: This is not your grandfather's gerrymandering w/ @davedaley3 - #PoliticallyReactive with @wkamaubell and @harikondabolu - Air Date 8-17-16

Ch. 5: Song 2: Segregation - Rankin Scroo

Ch. 6: Act 3: How The Debates Were Corrupted By The Democrats AND Republicans - @theyoungturks - Air Date 09-25-16

Ch. 7: Song 3: The 4th Estate - GFE

Ch. 8: Act 4: Ratf**ked The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy w/ @davedaley3 - Majority Report (@MajorityFM) - Air Date 08-27-16

Ch. 9: Song 4: Prove My Hypothesis - Death Cab For Cutie

Ch. 10: Act 5: Two-Party Tyranny Ralph Nader on Exclusion of Third-Party Candidates from First Presidential Debate - @DemocracyNow - Air Date 09-19-16

Ch. 11: Song 5: Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

Ch. 12: Act 6: is out to educate voters about their state Voter ID laws - Bradcast from @TheBradBlog - Air Date 9-30-16

Ch. 13: Song 6: Hey Ya - Obadiah Parker

Ch. 14: Act 7: Register and PREPARE to Vote in Your State via @RocktheVote - Best of the Left Activism

Ch. 15: Song 7: Time for Action - Secret Affair

Ch. 16: Act 8: Explaining the plans the GOP has to maintain power as a minority party w/ @davedaley3 - #PoliticallyReactive with @wkamaubell and @harikondabolu - Air Date 8-17-16


Ch. 17: Security of the voting process in Oregon - Elise in Portland, OR

Ch. 18: Standing up for each other in the metal community - Jason from Iowa

Voicemail Music: Loud Pipes - Classics

Ch. 19: Final comments on the political and mental games we play

Closing Music: Here We Are - Everyone's in Everyone


Register to vote at

Check your registration status with Rock the Vote's "Am I Registered?" tool 

Check on changes to voter ID requirements in your state at Rock the Vote's "Voter ID Requirements by State" or at


Electionary - A Guide to Election Laws 

“Rigged” - The Documentary (via Fusion TV)

Wisconsin is Systemically Failing to Provide the Photo IDs Required to Vote in November (via The Nation)

Judge Blocks Election Day Registration at Illinois Polling Places (via The Chicago Tribune)

This November, Know Your Voting Rights (via ACLU)

Voter Suppression Laws: What’s New Since the 2012 Presidential Election (Interactive Map) (via ACLU)


Written by Best of the Left Communications Director, Amanda Hoffman. 

Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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