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Air Date: 4/26/2019

Today I have a double-bonus show for you with additional clips on Brexit and Native Peoples

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Bonus Clips:

Why Brexit Shouldn't Have Been A Surprise - On the Media - Air Date 1-18-19

Is Corbyn’s Socialism Possible Within the EU? - Lapavitsas and Jay - The Real News - Air Date 3-17-19

The historic and starkly divided nature of Brexit - Between The Lines - Air Date 1-23-19

Dozens of Native American women have disappeared in Montana. Why is no one paying attention? - AJ+ - Air Date 9-12-18

Say Their Names, Tell Their Stories - Natives & Cops - Breakdances With Wolves - Air Date 3-20-19

Beyond Tragedy The living history of Native America - Ideas from CBC Radio - Air Date 2-20-19


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