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Air Date 10/09/2020

Today we take a look at the future of abortion rights and the broader reproductive justice movement in the face of a conservative super-majority on the Supreme Court

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Ch. 1: How The GOP Ended Up Hating Abortion - AJ+ - Air Date 8-4-19

Republicans and their base used to be more supportive of abortion rights than Democrats. Now, they’re pushing for abortion restrictions with an aim to overturn Roe v. Wade. Why did the GOP turn its back on abortion rights?

Ch. 2: Body of Law Beyond Roe - On the Media - Air Date 12-13-19

Activist and scholar Loretta Ross explains the tenets of reproductive justice and how they expand the frame beyond Roe and abortion; Reva Siegel of Yale Law School describes the framework of ProChoiceLife.

Ch. 3: Everyone Loves Someone Who Had an Abortion - National Network of Abortion Funds - Air Date 4-16-20

Access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, largely depends on where you live and how much money you have. Abortion funds are taking the hassle and harassment out of healthcare by helping people all across our network access and fund abortions.

Ch. 4: 'It is time to have a national law to protect the right of a woman’s choice': Warren - ABC News - Air Date 2-7-20

Candidates weigh in on current abortion laws and President Donald Trump's campaign promise to shift the Supreme Court to the right.

Ch. 5: What Happens When You Restrict Abortion? - AJ+ - Air Date 10-8-19

Restricting abortion access doesn’t have the same impact on everyone. It adversely affects people of color and low-income residents more. But why and how? We traveled to the place with the largest percentage of Black residents in the U.S. to find out.

Ch. 6: The Shadows of a Revolution - Capitalism Hits Home with Dr. Harriet Fraad and Julianna Forlano - Air Date 5-31-20

Lost abortion rights and no paid maternity or family leaves keep women from advancing at work as they take time to care for children. Abortion and family leaves are sites of the revolutionary struggle for America's personal and family life.


Ch. 7: "One Person, One Vote" is our saddest and scariest myth - Lance


Ch. 8: Final comments on the zombie talking point of us living in a republic rather than a democracy

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