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Air Date 2/22/2022

Today we take a look at the new right-wing protest tactic sweeping the world, truck convoy siege tactics in capital cities. Their causes are nonsensical, their tactics harmful but cracking down on them too harshly may boomerang on progressive protests down the road.

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Ch. 1: Canadian Truckers Inch Closer to U.S. Border in Protest of COVID Restrictions - The Daily Show - Air Date 2-11-22

Canada’s anti-vax protest comes to a new head as truckers block off a major bridge connecting Canada and the U.S.

Ch. 2: Canada Afflicted With Right-Wing American Covid Conspiracy Chaos - The Rachel Maddow Show - Air Date 2-10-22

Timothy Snyder, author of "On Tyranny," looks at how the U.S. has become a bad actor in the global community as its antigovernment right-wing, inflamed by Fox News and social media, is triggering political and economic disruption by fringe extremists.

Ch. 3: Tucker Uses Convoy To Cosplay As Working-Class Ally - The Rational National - Air Date 2-8-22

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used the Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' to cosplay as a working-class ally.

Ch. 4: Trucker protests energize Canada’s far-right movement - The World - Air Date 2-4-22

Actions have energized a small but growing far-right movement in Canada. And similar protests have popped up in Europe, where people are trying to convene in a convoy in Brussels to protest against pandemic restrictions

Ch. 5: What the truck is happening in Canada? - Today, Explained - Air Date 2-15-22

A convoy of truckers angry over Covid-19 mandates is disrupting life in Canada’s capital city. Their movement is gaining traction in cities around the globe.

Ch. 6: Vaccine protests in Canada - World Review from the New Statesman - Air Date 2-3-22

Thousands have joined the so-called “Freedom Convoy” in Canada, which has spiraled from truckers’ frustrations over Covid-19 vaccine mandates into calls to overthrow the government.

Ch. 7: Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' Part 2: Border Blockades & Political Ramifications - It Could Happen Here - Air Date 2-15-22

As the Convoy occupation expanded beyond choking a single major city, the blocking of supply lines and border crossings raised more questions regarding how the government's reaction might affect political movements in the future.


Ch. 9: What the truck is happening in Canada? Part 2 - Today, Explained - Air Date 2-15-22


Ch. 12: Final comments on a successful vacation and the weak allure of the internet

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