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The Podcasts

Act 1: Seder on Sundays - Death of the Southern Strategy
Act 2: Rachel Maddow - Dems Take Hastart Seat
Act 3: Randi Rhodes - Privately Sponsored Do-Over Elections
Act 4: Thom Hartmann - Republicans Voting for Hillary in Texas
Act 5: Fox News - Ferraro to Obama- Don't Antagonize Me
Act 6: Keith Olbermann - Clinton Campaigning like a Rebuplican
Act 7: Bill Maher - Campagins, Spitzer, Patterson, Obama Speech
Act 8: The Young Turks - Cenk Calls It - Hillary Is DONE

Oh Timbaland - Timbaland
Give It to Me - Timbaland
The Way I Are - Timbaland
Boardmeeting - Timbaland
Kill Yourself - Timbaland
One and Only - Timbaland
2 Man Show - Timbaland
Fantasy - Timbaland

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Billy Baptism

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