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Edition #336

Don't complain, you could buy an election too if you wanted


Act 1: Who owns our politicians - Young Turks

Act 2: Corporate free speech - Colbert Report

Act 3: Jeffery Toobin on purchasing courts Part 1 - Moyer's Journal

Act 4: Dealing with the Supreme Court decision - New Yorker's Political Scene

Act 5: Jeffery Toobin on purchasing courts Part 2 - Moyer's Journal

Act 6: Obama getting his fight back - Rachel Maddow

Act 7: Buying the bench - Moyers' Journal

Act 8: Americans hate corporate money in elections - Young Turks

Act 9: The Word - Prece-Don't - Colbert Report


Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content:

The Supreme Court's Five Circus Midgets - Ring of Fire



We could be friends - Freelance Whales

Ne Me Quitte Pas - Regina Spektor

Bigmouth strikes again - The Smiths

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out - Cat Stevens

Nothing better - The Postal Service

Where's my mind - The Pixies

Turn this boat around - Matt & Kim

Messages - Xavier Rudd


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