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Edition #352

Destroying the media in more ways than one


Act 1: Some bullshit happening somewhere - The Onion

Act 2: We need less media consolidation - The Progressive

Act 3: Anchor management - Daily Show

Act 4: Internet freedom in danger - Young Turks

Act 5: Beck makes it harder for FOX to fool people - Counterspin

Act 6: Glenn Beck on net neutrality - Young Turks

Act 7: Beck on Obama's politics of fear - Media Matters

Act 8: Beck attacks social justice - Colbert Report

Act 9: Glen Beck's hate train crashes - Ring of Fire

Act 10: Context, lies and videotape - Rachel Maddow

Act 11: Fox brings on anyone against health reform - Media Matters

Act 12: CNN hires Erick Erickson - Daily Show


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The Blogs Must Be Crazy - Daily Show



Been it - The Cardigans

And it spread - Avett Brothers

Everything to everyone - Everclear

Do it again - Five Times August

Green eyes - Coldplay

Soir De Fête - Yann Tiersen

Spirit in the sky - Norman Greenbaum

La Valse Des Vieux Os - Yann Tiersen


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