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Edition #358
Forced to lie to serve with honor

Act 1: Busted anti-gay republican comes out - Young Turks
Act 2: Repealing DADT popular in polls - Counterspin
Act 3: Bait and snitch - Colbert Report
Act 4: Gay Saudi gets arrested - Young Turks
Act 5: Letter from old military on DADT Part 1 - Rachel Maddow
Act 6: Gay gene isolated, ostracized - The Onion
Act 7: Letter from old military on DADT Part 2 - Rachel Maddow
Act 8: Gays in military leads to genocide - Young Turks
Act 9: New law to ban unloving marriages - The Onion
Act 10: Dutch ask Dutch tell - Rachel Maddow
Act 11: Bigots likely dumber and poorer, duh - Young Turks

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Trying to support the military and hate gays - Colbert Report

Close to me - The Cure
Minority - Green Day
Take your mama - Scissor Sisters
The argument - This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - The Smiths
Me and Julio down by the schoolyard - Paul Simon
Your Heart Is An Empty Room - Death Cab For Cutie
All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
January Wedding - The Avett Brothers
Pure Imagination - Leslie Bricusse (Willy Wonka)

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