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Edition #370
Analysis and warnings, we see it coming

Act 1: Hoarders - Daily Show
Song 1: Have you had enough - Rickie Lee Jones and The Squirrel Nut Zippers
Act 2: The banks still own congress - The Progressive
Song 2: What I am - Edie Brickell and New Bohemians
Act 3: Goldman fraud case - Colbert Report
Song 3: All apologies - Nirvana
Act 4: Greece falls, the US may be next  - Young Turks
Song 4: Curl up and die - Relient K
Act 5: Ian Bremmer interview - Daily Show
Song 5: TV Trays - Death Cab For Cutie
Act 6: Loan sharks manipulate people - Rachel Maddow
Song 6: Hey Ya - Obadiah Parker
Act 7: Simon Johnson, 13 Bankers - Colbert Report
Song 7: Torn Blue Foam Couch - Grand Archives
Act 8: Taxes - Daily Show
Song 8: Class Warfare - Chris Priest
Act 9: Reform bill is a joke - Young Turks

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Greece Wither Soon - Scheherazade Rehman - Colbert Report

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