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Edition #375
An Armada of Humanaterrorists

Act 1: Israel beat the Somalis to it - BBC News Quiz
Song 1: Hostage-O - Warren Zevon
Act 2: Release the prisoners, release the tapes - Young Turks
Song 2: Respect - Diana Ross & The Supremes
Act 3: Republican on Gaza - Jimmy Dore Show
Song 3: Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins
Act 4: Obama mute on Israeli aggression - The Progressive
Song 4: Different Names - Death Cab For Cutie
Act 5: Discussing the flotilla - Bill Maher
Song 5: Different Shore - Nightnoise
Act 6: Dueling taped accounts - On the Media
Song 6: Sea of love - Cat Power
Act 7: Obama helps obstruct Israel investigation - Young Turks
Song 7: Glyserine - Bush
Act 8: Don't cheer the departure of Helen Thomas - The Progressive
Song 8: Soir De FĂȘte - Yann Tiersen
Act 9: Fox on Helen Thomas - Media Matters
Act 10: Helen Thomas's departure - Counterspin
Song 10: Slight Figure of Speech - The Avett Brothers
Act 11: Michael Oren and formidable opponent - Colbert Report
Song 11: We could be friends - Freelance Whales
Act 12: Joe Biden hits new low - The Progressive
Song 12: Doctor my eyes - Jackson 5
Act 13: Israel does something crazy/frustrating - The Bugle

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Israel Flotilla Raid - Breakdown of Who's Right and Wrong - Young Turks

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