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Edition #421

End Nixon's war on drugs


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Act 1: Election narrative – Counterspin
Song 1: Black & Blue – Miike Snow
Act 2: Beltway election narrative – Rachel Maddow
Song 2: Late Afternoon – Theo Bard
Act 3: Glenn Beck in trouble with Fox – Young Turks
Song 3: Up Against the Wall – Writer’s Block
Act 4: Rupert Murdoch watch – Le Show
Song 4: Nantes – The Flying Club Cup
Act 5: Professional Left commentary – Countdown
Song 5: Leader – Burning Spear
Act 6: Politician’s lies – On the Media
Song 6: Too close – VNV Nation
Act 7: MSNBC’s political narrative – Daily Show
Song 7: You’re the Best – The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Act 8: CNN’s Rick Sanchez fired – Young Turks


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Journolist Proves ‘Liberal Media’ Is BS – Young Turks


Rachel Maddow
The Young Turks
Le Show
On the Media
The Daily Show


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