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Edition #440

Governments Verus Journalism


Act 1: The campaign to ruin Julian Assange – The Progressive
Song 1: And So It Goes – The Essential Billy Joel
Act 2: Assange released from jail – The Bugle
Song 2: Jailhouse Rock – The Essential Elvis Presley (Remastered)
Act 3: Full Exclusive Assange interview – MSNBC
Song 3: Hurt – American IV: Man Comes Around
Act 4: Thomas Friedman’s approval of wikileaks – Counterspin
Song 4: Morning Sun – Shayna Zaid & the Catch
Act 5: US reaps what it sows – Majority Report
Song 5: What You Get – Bastards of the Beat
Act 6: Open letter signatory on wikileaks – On the Media
Song 6: What we’ve got – Anthony da Costa and Emilyn Brodsky
Act 7: Media should stand up for Assange – Young Turks
Song 7: Time to Ride – Sammy Davis, Jr.: Greatest Hits (Live)
Act 8: Nothing bad about wikileaks – David Feldman Podcast
Song 8: One Day – Light (Bonus Track Version)
Act 9: Losing liberties over wikileaks – The Progressive
Song 9: Flamencos En El Aire – Gipsy Kings
Act 10: Inhumane treatment of PFC. Manning – Young Turks
Song 9: Drift Away – Brothers In Blues & Sisters In Soul – 18 Classic Tracks (Re-Recorded Version)
Act 10: Michael Moore on wikileaks – Rachel Maddow


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How to handle Julian Assange – Daily Show


The Progressive
The Bugle
The Majority Report
On the Media
The Young Turks
David Feldman Podcast
Rachel Maddow
The Daily Show


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