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Edition #448

The United States of America has gone mad


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Act 1: How to spend 1.5 billion dollars – The Pinky Show
Song 1: Billionaire – Billionaire
Act 2: Invest in the US, not Afghanistan – MSNBC
Song 2: Girl in the War (Josh Ritter cover) – Chris Priest
Act 3: Bullets or bucks – Mumia Abu-Jamal
Song 3: Breakneck Speed – Champ
Act 4: Gay agenda comes to airport security – Majority Report
Song 4: See Me, Feel Me (Single Version) – The Ultimate Collection
Act 5: Obama on Afghanistan echos Vietnam – The Progressive
Song 5: Everybody lies – Melissa Lusk
Act 6: Wikileaks uncovers pressure to attack Iran – Young Turks
Song 6: One Million Miles Away – The Illusionary Movements of Geraldine and Nazu
Act 7: Allies in lies – Mumia Abu-Jamal
Song 7: Scene No. 13 Segment IV Dance Of The Little Swans – Swan Lake
Act 8: Bush helped Iran’s foreign policy – Rachel Maddow
Song 8: Thank You – No Angel
Act 9: The immorality of America at war – Jim Hightower
Song 9: Casualties of War – The 18th Letter – The Book of Life
Act 10: Ike’s warning still challenges a nation – NPR
Song 10: Enzymes – Enzymes – Single
Act 11: MLK didn’t want US troops in 177 countries – The Progressive
Song 11: Celebration Guns – Set Yourself On Fire
Act 12: The United States of America has gone mad – Democracy Now!


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Trust but verify – Rachel Maddow


The Pinky Show
Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Majority Report
The Progressive
The Young Turks
Rachel Maddow
Jim Hightower
Democracy NOW!


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